Your Full Service Retail Sales Partner

Tightrope is a full service Sales and Marketing Agency. Our team of Channel experts will provide you with the sales, marketing and analytics support you need to accelerate your product to the shelf. 

We help our clients achieve unparalleled success on retail shelves.
The Tightrope Approach
At Tightrope we believe that with the right partners anyone can be successful on retail shelves. We pooled our collective experience and knowledge to create a vehicle to assist companies from concept to cart. 

We have found that knowledge within organizations is often siloed among individual experts and consultants who specialize in limited aspects of supply chain management. Our approach to business is data-driven and based on best practices, we have learned in our collective years of experience, that the best results aren’t generated from procuring the best app or in-house software system alone. As a collaborative partner in your company’s improvement process, the Tightrope team will help you take a step back and see the big picture. Our positive, back-to-basics approach is perfect for fledgling start- ups as well as established industry leaders seeking to grow their retail business and revenue by eliminating waste and variation in the supply chain. Tightrope’s goal is your supply chain success.

Melanie Merkling
Born and raised in Bentonville, Arkansas, Melanie Merkling is a well-known connector in the Northwest Arkansas business community and beyond. With a career in business and brand development spanning 17 years, Melanie has a proven track record of generating profits in startups, reviving businesses under financial duress across varying industries and helping companies secure and grow their business with Walmart and Sam’s Club. Melanie has worked with a diverse mix of clients, both domestic and international, ranging from tech start-ups to food producers to creative agencies seeking to grow their businesses.
Chief Executive Officer
Cynthia Velotta
Cynthia Velotta is an Account Analyst, providing suppliers with everything they need to be successful. She assists with new client implementation, provides analytical support to maximize product performance, analyzes sales data and evaluates retail performance. Her passion is data analytics and visualization. Cynthia has an extensive formal education and work experience in research and statistics, including time as director of analytics for a large school district. She has a Master's degree and completed all coursework for a Ph.D. in research and statistical methods.  Cynthia enrolled in the Certified Retail Analyst program at NWACC where she learned to apply her skills to the retail world.    
Account Analyst  
Cassie Self
Cassie Self is a Northwest Arkansas native with 10 years experience in retail, both as a buyer and entrepreneur. For over 20 years Cassie has specialized in commercial marketing and media, as well as a lifetime of connecting people for positive results. Her role in sales includes creative approaches to brand awareness and innovative strategies for extra value ad for suppliers and their products. Cassie is a familiar face at Walmart and Sam's Club, having done many commercials for In Store Self Check Out, Online-Grocery Pick Up, as well as hosting Sam's Club Kitchen.    
National Account Manager 
Aly Camacho
Aly Camacho is a National Account Manager who brings attention to new products and ensures they make their best first impression. She firmly believes that as an increasingly visual culture, visual input is a key component of branding success. Aly began her career in design by rolling up her sleeves and creating with her hands, specializing in film negative retouching. Grounded in tradition, she has evolved with the digitalization of her field and thrives in exploring innovations. Aly successfully built a career in photography and design in New York and Dallas before coming to Northwest Arkansas where she has focused her skills on brand development.         
National Account Manager