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Tightrope is a full service Sales and Marketing Agency. Our team of Channel experts will provide you with the sales, marketing and analytics support you need to accelerate your product to the shelf. 

We help our clients achieve unparalleled success on retail shelves.
Tightrope Sales & Marketing is a full service Agency that helps you walk the rope between production, retail shelves and replinishment to ensure you not only get on the shelf but that your items fly off the shelf into the hands of your consumers. There are three important things in the retail world, seeing higher REVENUES by building strong RELATIONSHIPS through a solid REPUTATION with both your retail buyer and your consumer. 



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?Are you equipped to walk the Retail TightRope
The Tightrope team works with select companies to position them for higher sales, larger profits and fewer losses. We arm you with knowledge and know how to DO what it takes. When you become a member of the Tightrope family you have access to ongoing support from the Tightrope Team as well as a network of your peers who are walking through it with you everyday.

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If you are looking for best practices and a better understanding of how to be more successful in the retail ecosystem, we are here for you!

Developing the Pillars of Supply Chain Success




Selling to the largest retailer(s) in the world is - as you know - no walk in the park. With tremendous upside potential comes a myriad of potential pitfalls. It’s a bit like walking a... tightrope. It is important to make sure you have critical elements right when it comes to your company and your product. 
Billions of dollars are spent annually developing new products. Only one in ten will be successful. The statistics are scary, but with a little direction and the benefit of the experience of those who have been successful, you can be among that glorious 10%.
Before the customer can appreciate the awesomeness of your product, you have to get them interested in it. Research suggests that at least a third of product decision-making is based on packaging. And with our average first impressions made in just seven seconds, it’s critical to get it right.




Transparency has become a vitally important part of the supply chain process in order to manage risk. A company’s resilience is dependent on the ability to recover from and reduce the impact of risk through collaboration and transparency.
Customers know where, when and how they want to shop. Are you listening to them? It is important to know and provide the customer with the experience they are looking for. 
There is a need for speed to keep up with today's ever changing Supply Chain. Keeping an eye on fundamentals is not quite as easy as it seems. Comapany's must focus on understanding ongoing supply chain innovation and change. The fundamentals the supply chain relies on and how supply chain partners must work with these fundamentals to benefit the future of the industry.